Ryan Bell

2020 Pasadena City Council District 6 Endorsement: Ryan Bell

Primary Election: Saturday, February 22 – Tuesday, March 3
Pasadena election information: https://www.cityofpasadena.net/city-clerk/elections-2020/
Find a voting center: https://locator.lavote.net/locations/vc

 Candidate Campaign Page: https://ryanbellforpasadena.com/


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Ryan Bell is an educator and tenants rights advocate who serves on the steering committee for the Pasadena Tenants Justice Coalition. In his campaign for City Council District 6, Bell is calling for a Green New Deal for Pasadena, better civilian oversight of the Pasadena Police Department, and significant action to address housing affordability and homelessness.

Ryan Bell’s response to Bike The Vote L.A. shows a familiarity with the challenges of using forms of public and active transportation in Pasadena. He expressed support for a Pasadena Vision Zero policy, and communicated a range of suggestions to improve the safety of pedestrians including bike lanes, road diets to address areas of dangerous speeding, pedestrian-friendly signal design, reduced speed limits in school zones, and greater use of flashing beacons at uncontrolled crosswalks.

Bell has a visionary but practical approach to addressing transportation’s outsized role in climate change. While recognizing that transitioning toward electric vehicles is helpful, he notes that electric car ownership is out of reach for many and cannot be the only action the City takes. He calls for efforts to improve travel by bike and on foot and an end to the ban on electric scooters. Bell also sees quality public transit as a critical investment towards a greener transportation system, and calls for significant improvements to public transit in the form of convenient, fare-free, and more frequent local service.

With his bold vision of a more equitable and sustainable transportation system, Bell offers an exciting opportunity to reorient Pasadena towards a city that works for everyone. Bike The Vote L.A. is proud to endorse Ryan Bell for Pasadena City Council District 6.


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