Dan Brotman

2020 Glendale Endorsement: Dan Brotman

Primary Election: Saturday, February 22 – Tuesday, March 3
Glendale election information: https://www.glendalevotes.org/
Find a voting center: https://locator.lavote.net/locations/vc

 Candidate Campaign Page: https://danforglendale.com/

Three citywide Glendale City Council seats are at stake in the upcoming March 3rd election. One seat is open after the resignation of former councilmember Zareh Sinanyan, while two incumbents are seeking re-election. The top three vote-getters on March 3rd—whether they are incumbents or challengers—will be elected to serve on the Council. Bike The Vote has made two endorsements in this race, and you can read about our other endorsement here. 

Of the eight qualified candidates running for three available Glendale City Council seats in the March 3rd election, Dan Brotman stands out as a forward-thinking advocate for sustainability and supporter of complete streets. Bike The Vote L.A. wholeheartedly endorses Brotman for Glendale City Council.

An economics professor at Glendale Community College, Brotman has built some impressive bona fides in environmental advocacy as a co-founder of the Glendale Environmental Coalition. A central component of Brotman’s campaign is a bold and well-considered plan to reposition Glendale—a community increasingly at risk from wildfires thanks to climate change—as a leader in sustainability. As transportation emissions account for 41% of greenhouse gas emissions in California, it is a testament to Brotman’s holistic approach that he seeks to “reexamine Glendale’s relationship to cars.”

Brotman has done his homework. His response to Bike The Vote L.A. reads at least as well, but in all likelihood better, than one that any of our Glendale review committee members might have authored. He recognizes that a key to reducing deaths and injuries on Glendale streets is not only to make streets safer but also to reduce driving. Brotman supports a Vision Zero policy for Glendale with investments in infrastructure, and aptly recognizes that enforcement cannot be the heart of a plan to reduce roadway deaths ⁠— that safer infrastructure must be a focus.

Dan Brotman is a new kind of leader that our current climate crisis demands, and one with a holistic plan to wean Glendale off of an unsustainable dependence on cars. Brotman is clearly an ally for local advocates in Glendale to bring about long-overdue change. Bike The Vote L.A. enthusiastically endorses Dan Brotman for Glendale City Council.


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