Below is 2017 City Council District 15 Candidate Noel Gould’s full questionnaire response to Bike The Vote L.A.:

1. What future do you see  for active mobility, and public transit in the daily lives of Angelenos, particularly those who lack access to cars and rely on these other modes as their primary way of getting around?

There’s a great future! I myself, am an avid cyclist and ride often. We’ll be increasing bike lanes to public transit hubs which will really incentivize people to use alternative means of transport.

2. A high percentage of people without access to cars in Northeast Los Angeles, especially immigrants, depend on bikes as a way to get to work and school, but lack safe options to commute. Additionally the prevalence of speeding on L.A. streets takes a deadly toll on those who walk and bike, including seniors and children. Mobility Plan 2035 established “safety first” as the priority in transportation decisions, and the City has since adopted the ‘Vision Zero’ program with the goal of eliminating traffic-deaths within 10 years. Do you support prioritizing the safety of Los Angeles’ most vulnerable commuters, both in CD15 and throughout Los Angeles, even when there may be trade-offs in terms of automotive travel time or on-street parking?

I absolutely support safe travel paths, eg bike lanes, in as many areas as possible. People’s safety is more important than parking, so it needs to be prioritized. That having been said, it is possible to have street parking and bike lanes together which we do in many area. In Denmark, so many people bike that it’s a matter of course for drivers to automatically check for cyclists before opening their car doors. We need to develop that kind of community and awareness here in the US. Let LA be a leader in that area!

3. Los Angeles’ traffic woes are compounded by the reality that many parents and workers don’t feel safe commuting even short distances or performing school drop-offs on foot or by bike. What would you do as Councilmember to improve active transportation options around schools, public transit, and in commercial districts to provide better transportation options for CD15 residents?

For one thing, I’d bring metro rail to San Pedro that goes straight downtown and that also connects to other parts of the City. That would ease congestion along the 110 corridor a well as bring commerce to SP and Wilmington. I’d also expand the express lane system which has been working well, and expand carpool lanes as well. We need many more bike lanes and safe lanes for skate boards and roller skaters.

4. Angelenos recently approved Metro’s transportation funding plan, Measure M, with an impressive mandate of support from over 71% of voters. What opportunities do you see for Measure M to improve the options for Angelenos get around in CD15 and elsewhere? Given that Measure M will return millions of dollars directly to the City of Los Angeles each year, do you support increased funding to make biking and walking in the city easier and safer for Angelenos?

Bus, rail, with bike and pedestrian connections to transit centers, street repairs, affordable fares for low income people. Absolutely!

5. The Ports O’Call development project has the opportunity to be transformative for San Pedro and the South Bay region. What specific improvements, if any, would you propose to maximize access on foot, by bicycle, and by transit to this project?

Metro rail straight from downtown to San Pedro that could interface with the Red Car tracks. BTW, I’d support the Red Car project as well. Add bike lanes, add extra police to maintain safety especially at night. Add more walking trails.

6. Los Angeles is beginning to employ bike share as a new transportation option, but many barriers to access remain, particularly the cost of riding and the fact that a credit card is needed to use the system. Some cities have offered subsidies to low-income riders and cash payment options to address these issues. What can the City of Los Angeles do to help as many residents as possible enjoy the benefits that bike share will bring?

Add enough bus and rail lines that take bikes to make it realistic for people to have the flexibility to get where they need to go without a car. Subsidize low income riders.