John Jimenez declined to respond to Bike The Vote L.A.’s questionnaire, but provided a statement that, without evidence, painted people who bike with a wide brush as scofflaws. Additionally, he has expressed support for relocating bus rapid transit away from the Eagle Rock community on the 134 Freeway in a statement to the Boulevard Sentinel.

Bike The Vote L.A. 2020 Primary Grade: D

(Read Below for John Jimenez’ statement to Bike The Vote L.A.)

Dear Bike The Vote L.A. Membership! I win this election my commitment is for the “VOTERS” and only for the “VOTERS” throughout the Council District 14.

I am very concerned about the safety of all our children living within Council District 14 and of course for our visitors which brings business trades.

I am in favor to support our VOTERS rights and respect our Neighborhoods decision as well for fair and equality air to fight against pollution and protect our environment plus save whatever open space we have left for good oxygen which the trees, flowers and plants produce for us without creating more contamination than what already exist!.

I believe each neighborhood throughout Council District 14, is not equal the same across the board but has equally because each neighborhood has its own characteristic views which has different views from each other and I am to be a good steward to their needs to improve each neighborhood to their lifestyles without enforcing development which can cause overcrowding traffic jams and endangering what little wildlife exist throughout Council District 14.

The Metro can build better means of transportation than increasing traffic jams on our narrow streets! Subways can build the right way without cutting corners and/or usage of poor senseless materials to avoid sink holes caused by bad weather at times!

If I have not answered your questions to your satisfaction then its because I made a Solomon Oath to not do what our VOTERS dislikes!

I am not 4-SALE to any developer nor to any Political Party because; I desire to represent the “PEOPLE” in general according to their Community needs!

I love riding a bike since childhood! I strongly believe all bike riders need to learn to respect pedestrians, follow traffic lights, stop signs plus Automobile drivers also should respect each other on the road and it also goes for bike riders because sharing the road is better and safer!

If you feel that the Community within Council District 14, agrees with you then I would be more than happy to conduct open meetings at each neighborhood within Council District 14. I also desire that every Neighborhood Councils within CD 14, pickup their role in being part of their community and establish a network embracing positive community improvements by involving their stakeholders without dictatorship of the City Councilman even this goes for me because we nee sound harmony that is why they were certified to be Neighborhood Councils and most of them forgotten those original policies including conflict of interest!

I believe keeping my word of honor because one that fails to uphold He and/or She is a “Liar”!


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