Below is 2017 City Council District 1 Candidate Jesse Rosas’ full response to Bike The Vote L.A.’s 6-point questionnaire:

“Thank you for your interest in this democratic process, and for reaching out to me as a candidate. I support all transportation and safety plans that do not impose one-size-fits-all solutions on all parts of the city. Bicycle riders, pedestrians, transit users and car drivers all deserve fair treatment, and should all respect each other. To make our streets safer, we need a variety of solutions such as signals, better enforcement, speed bumps and speed cushions, curb extensions, roundabouts, and bicycle lanes where appropriate. However, I do not believe bike lanes are appropriate for York or Figueroa. We can recommend traffic cameras. There are many other things we can do to improve safety on York, Figueroa, Avenue 64 and other streets. Thank you again for your questions.”