Freddy Puza

2020 Culver City Endorsement: Freddy Puza

General Election: October 5 – November 3, 2020

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Note: Three of five Council seats are set to be filled this election. Voters can select up to three candidates. See our other endorsements here.

Freddy Puza is a longstanding progressive advocate in Culver City who has focused on housing and homelessness, including serving on Culver City’s Committee on Homelessness and General Plan Advisory Committee. Puza has made safe streets a central element of his campaign for City Council, developing a progressive platform on transportation. In his response to Bike The Vote L.A., Puza expresses support for implementing Culver City’s Vision Zero Action Plan, urges a continued focus on equity, and calls for more car-free streets in Downtown Culver City. Puza states, “A city’s budget reflects what a city truly values.” After years of inadequate implementation of the 2010 Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan, Puza’s suggestion for more funding to improve street safety is an important one that could be transformative for the city.

Puza is part of a coalition of voices in Culver City rightfully calling to reimagine public safety and for a 50% reduction in the Police Department budget. He notes that addressing structural racism will not be an overnight change, but will require a sustained effort centered around the experiences of Black and Indigenous communities.

Culver City has made major progressive strides on a variety of issues over the past decade. Puza’s experience as a determined advocate will be critical in continuing to push the city forward. If elected, he would be the first openly LGBTQ member of the City Council, expanding the diversity of experiences in city government. Puza is endorsed by all three current Bike The Vote-endorsed councilmembers, Meghan Sahli-Wells, Daniel Lee, and Alex Fisch. Bike The Vote L.A. is proud to join the chorus of voices supporting Freddy Puza’s candidacy, and wholeheartedly endorses him for Culver City Council.


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