Below is 2017 Pasadena City Council District 5 Candidate

Aida Morales’ full questionnaire response to Bike The Vote L.A.: 

1. What future do you see for active mobility and public transit in the daily lives of those who live, work, and go to school in Pasadena?

I would like to see more bikes like some European countries.i also would like to see a few bikes with baskets to go to the market.

2. Pasadena’s traffic is compounded by the reality that many parents and workers don’t feel safe commuting even short distances or performing school drop-offs on foot or by bike. What would you do as Councilmember to improve active transportation options around schools, public transit, and in commercial districts to provide better transportation options for District 5 residents?

Better bike parking and bike lanes.

3. If elected, what would you do to reduce preventable, serious and fatal traffic collisions in the City of Pasadena? Would you support the implementation of a local Vision Zero policy?

I definitely support vision zero. Check corner of Del Mar and Marengo. Thank you

4. Over the past 3 years, Pasadena Playhouse District members, City staff, and local residents have worked on planning the Playhouse Parklets Pilot ( In the coming few months, a final decision will be made by the Council whether to move forward with implementing the pilot project, which would install the city’s first parklets, add reverse angled parking to the district, calm traffic, and improve street safety. Do you support implementation of the Colorado Blvd parklets pilot in the Playhouse District? Why or why not?

Yes because of the benefits you mention.

5. Bike share systems have started to be installed across Los Angeles County and are slated to expand to Pasadena, but as systems expand, experts foresee three major obstacles: stations that are discontinuous/too far apart, stations with unsafe walking conditions that limit access, and systems that are out of reach for low-income residents. What areas would you like to see bike share expanded to in and around Pasadena, and what should the City be doing to make these systems more accessible, affordable, and useful to all Pasadena residents?

City will save in street repair, medical cost (air) for low income residents. We can subsidize the bike fee if there is a will to do so.

6. Pasadena’s local transit provider, Pasadena Transit, suffers from limited service, especially on weekends and evenings. Do you support improving Pasadena Transit headways and service to provide local residents with more viable transit options in the City? What methods can the City employ to fund better service?

We subsidize the Art Bus.