Candidate campaign page:

We unfortunately have little information on Armen Melkonians, particularly after receiving no response to our candidate questionnaire. In his short time active in Santa Monica, Mr. Melkonians has not advocated for – nor has he done any work on – sustainable transportation.

As a candidate, he co-authored Measure LV, which Bike The Vote L.A. opposes, and has made it a central component of his campaign. We believe Measure LV will undermine Santa Monica’s commitment to a more sustainable city. Mr. Melkonians has made questionable claims about the measure’s ability to fight traffic, but in the future, we would hope to see Mr. Melkonians incorporate support for safe streets as a component of his platform to address Santa Monica’s traffic woes instead of simply blaming development for its current state.

Bike The Vote L.A. 2016 Grade: C-